Early Iron Age and Archaic ceramics in Western Greece – multiple archaeometric analysis methods

Prof. Dr. phil. Franziska Lang und Dr. Christina Rathossi

This project deals with several geographical regions in western Greece in which up to now the pottery of excavated sites has attracted little attention from the archeometric point of view. The proposed project focuses on the archeometric studies of a large number of ceramic sherds from selected excavation sites in the prefectures of Aitoloakarnania and Elis in order to identify their production centers. As methods we apply portable XRF, XRPD, petrographic analysis (PLM), Experimental firing, ICP-MS and geological survey.

The research of the material culture, in particular pottery by means of archeometric methods, allows important insights into the inter-cultural and socio-economic system between various regions in ancient times. The circulation of ceramic products can be of fundamental importance in unravelling issues on trading and contacts between different societies and cultures.