Klassische Archäologie

Forma Urbis Romae

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The chair in Classical Archaeology at Darmstadt was created in 1971. Even before the establishment of the TU Darmstadt, its predecessor the “Polytechnische Schule” had maintained a permanent professorship in Art History since 1869. This position has remained filled without interruption ever since. The third area of teaching and research, History and Theory of Architecture (GTA), joined the subject group (Fachgruppe) A in 1998.

The three subject areas work in close cooperation, sharing a departmental space and maintaining a joint library on campus.

Subject Area Information

The material remains of Greco-Roman Antiquity form part of the foundations of European culture and remain influential to this day. Classical Archaeology introduces students to the basics of ancient culture and architecture, while the other two subject areas in subject group (Fachgruppe) A trace their influence and development across later periods and through to the present. Taught elements include overviews of key ancient monuments, an understanding of the processes of urban development and urbanism, and scientific methods. MA level courses provide a deeper cultural-historical understanding and introduce more advanced methodical and theoretical concepts of archaeology. These courses regularly include practical teaching elements, experimental approaches, and field trips.

Preserved buildings and monuments form part of our cultural memory of Antiquity and are expressions of the social practice of their time. In studying this material culture, archaeology can use them as original sources of information regarding construction techniques, technology, building materials and decisions taken by various actors and agents at the time. This makes it possible to contextualise the studied architecture not only in terms of its spatial setting but also within relevant chronological, socio-political, aesthetic, economic and cultural frameworks.

Research carried out by the subject area Classical Archaeology includes studies in the history of ancient architecture, urban and landscape archaeology, investigations of building techniques and ancient technology, and interdisciplinary research on the reception of the ancient world. Students are encouraged to become actively involved in these projects.