Roman death

'Death and all his friends'. Archeaology of Roman death and burial

Modul B07b / 332
CP: 3

Lehrende: Dr. des. Jana Skundric-Rummel

Zeit und Ort: Blockseminar
Montags 06.11; 27.11; 11.12. 2017, 14.00 – 17:00 Uhr, kleiner Hörsaal L301/92

ArchäologieThe phenomenon of death and the rituals and practices surrounding it were important components of Roman life. This course will explore different traditions and social norms connected with the death of individuals in the Roman Empire including funeral ceremonies, inhumations, cremations, mourning, offerings and remembrance of the dead. We will look at a range of material evidence connected to burial rituals: gravestones, tombs, mausolea, catacombs, sarcophagi, urns etc. A key aspect studied is the extent to which funerary architecture and art were used to reflect upon the life of the buried individuals, their social status, ideology or their attitudes towards the afterlife. We will also look at how these practices formed complex ideological beliefs and lasting legacies, some elements of which can be traced even to this day.