The Tetrarchy. An ambitious experiment in Roman history

Modul B07b / 332
CP: 2 + 1

Lehrende: Dr. des. Jana Skundric
Zeit und Ort: Blockseminar, Zeit und Ort werden noch bekannt gegeben
1. Treffen: 24.04.2017, 17.00 Uhr, Seminarraum Klassische Archäologie

The end of 3rd century AD was a turbulent period for the Roman Empire, shaken by constant wars and inner conflicts – basically, a Roman “Game of Thrones”, with very similar characters! However, Diocletian, from 284 AD onwards, managed to put the Empire back on its feet and bring order to the chaos. He established the so-called Tetrarchy (four-man rule), fundamentally reforming the Empire. While this period lasted for only 30 years in the shape he devised, it influenced all of Late Antiquity and the Byzantine World. The seminar looks at new concepts of the Tetrarchic period, e.g. the transformation of the City of Rome, the establishment of the new capital cities and residences and political and administrative reorganisations that led to booming rural landscapes. We will also look at how architecture and iconography were used to articulate the power and ideological concepts of the new rulers.