Roman Villas

Roman Villas. A diachronic study of elite country houses

Modul B07b / 332
CP: 2 + 1

Lehrende: Dr. des. Jana Skundric
Zeit und Ort: Montags, 10.00-11.30 Uhr
1. Treffen: 24.04.2017, Seminarraum Klassische Archäologie

In the study of the Roman built environment, ‘villas’ hold a special place. Initially a principal means for agricultural production, they developed into an idealized form of residence for the wealthy Roman elite wanting a retreat from buzzing city life. This course will provide a diachronic examination of ancient villa sites, their geographical and chronological distribution, from the late Republic to late Antiquity. We will look at how villas are defined within a specific urban or rural landscape; we will try to determine what functions these building complexes had on the basis of their architectural and archaeological remains and how they change with fashion over time. The course will draw on famous sites in the bay of Naples and Rome but also in the Provinces including Spain, Dalmatia, North Africa and Great Britain.